Saturday, December 20, 2008

Mississippi Civil Rights Timeline

The format for Dr. Harrison's timeline was changed in order to fit within this post. Blogger is not a big fan of tables. The dates appear in the left margin with national events centered in red and the Mississippi events in blue on the right margin. Please leave a comment if I need to change something.


April - Gladys Noel Bates files suit for equal pay
Brown vs. Wade
July - White Citizen Council formed
September - Medgar Evers denied into U. of MS Law School
December - Evers becomes NAACP Field Secretary
Montgomery Bus Boycott
May - Rev. George Lee shot and killed
August - Lamar Smith shot in Brookhaven
August - Emmett Till murdered
State Legislative Session establishes and funds MS State Sovereignty Commission
Little Rock Crisis
Clyde Kennard attempts to enroll at the U. of S. MS
April - Mack Charles Parker killed and no one tried
April - Gilbert Mason, Sr. led a wade-in of Biloxi beaches
Civil Rights Act
Sit-ins at Greensboro, NC
Election of JFK
Freedom Rides
March - Arrest of Tougaloo 9
September - Murder of Hubert Lee
October – McComb HS students jailed
Anniston bus bombing
September – University of Mississippi Riot
MLK arrested in Birmingham
March on Washington
Birmingham church bombing
Assassination of JFK
May - Tougaloo students attacked for sit-in at Woolworth’s lunch counter
June - Assassination of Medgar Evers
Civil Rights Act of 1964
Democratic Ntl Convention
Freedom Summer
June - Neshoba County killings
Assassination of Malcolm X
Bloody Sunday Selma, AL
Voting Rights Act
Black Power Movement
Black Panther Party formed
January - Murder of Vernon Dahmer
June - Meredith March
Thurgood Marshall appointed 1st black Supreme Court Justice
Robert Clark becomes first black to be elected
to the MS House of Representatives since Reconstruction
Assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr.
Meridian church bombing
Integration of Highland Park Pool in Meridian
Desegregation of Public Facilities in multiple communities
School Desegregation

After typing this timeline, I was reminded of my town's embarrassing history. The 1970 desegregation of schools apparently scared community members and a decision to tear down the beautiful school was made. Some of the school's bricks now fill in the foundation of our 1873 home. A building to educate Mississippians now holds up one house; although, I think the recycling is nice I would rather see the school intact. ~ Maggie

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