Thursday, December 11, 2008

Halley Came to Jackson

During the movie last Saturday, we caught a glimpse of the children's book Halley Came to Jackson by Mary Chapin Carpenter and illustrated by Dan Andreasen. I picked up a copy from the library and have fallen in love with the artwork and Carpenter's rhyming verse!

In the "Author's Note" Carpenter explains her reason for writing the song:

"Almost ten years ago, a friend suggested I read Eudora Welty's One Writer's Beginnings, a collection of Ms. Welty's essays about growing up in Jackson, Mississippi, and the experiences that nurtured her ambition as a young adult to become a writer. Since that first reading, I have returned to the book countless times, for wisdom and inspiration, and for the rewards it offers to anyone who has ever felt the spark of creativity. It was a family story of her father bringing the infant Eudora over to the window to witness the comet Halley's 1910 visit that inspired the song "Halley Came to Jackson." The song thereafter appeared on my 1990 album, Shooting Straight in the Dark."

Click the green arrow on the podbean and enjoy the song sung by Mary Chapin Carpenter!

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