Monday, October 13, 2008

A Deeper Longing

Reading Black Boy as an adult has been more significant than when I read it as a child. Richard Wright longed for acceptance, for dignity, for the removal of isolation, and for the indulgence of truth. He was rather a loner, even though he knew and seem to encounter various kinds of people on a daily basis. I find that I am relating more and more to him, as I continue my slow journey to indulge myself in the very essence of his words. As I am maturing into the adult, I constantly find myself submerged by the longing to be this incredibly phenomenally successful woman...RIGHT NOW! However, my longing and Richard Wright's longing differs dramatically. He knew what his longing was. He could define that longing, that repeating throb of hunger. With me it is somewhat different, I am not sure what I define as successful. As I meet people and talk with those I know, they remind me of their amazement of my success. Unfortunately, I cannot grasp their sincerity. I am longing and longing and longing and longing for more. The question is... MORE OF WHAT? Reading Richard Wright's autobiography has really gotten me to thinking about defining the longing, the craving, the struggle for a success unknown to me.

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____Maggie said...

That's right, Cassandra! If you can just pin-point the goal, it may help you stay focused. The goal doesn't have to remain the same either, nor only one. You can do two or three goals, just keep a couple lesser than the main.

You have this aura of energy and youth. Success easily follows when it is something you love. By not focusing, I believe you have various experiences and are beginning to determine the things you don't like. Swing your energy into more you do, and narrow the longing with some goals.

You will do it, just try to remember us little people. ;D