Sunday, November 22, 2009

4Ws Reunion

Yesterday, participants in the MS 4Ws Writing Institute reunited after a long six months from being a part. We discussed how we transformed the experience into a personal sanctuary of reading, writing, and literary discussion.  It's amazing how spending nine months together molded the participants into a wonderful learning committee.  Sponsored by the Mississippi Humanities Council, the 4Ws Writing Institute was formed not only to provide pedagogy for educators, but it was formed to intellectually stimulate educators and make the learning process personal.  Being able to take related field trips provided educators with a specific time and place to connect the literature being read.

The institute began at the Mississippi Archives. Dr. Harrison provided a historical overview, which left each participant bubbling with excitement. The tour of the archives and viewing Eudora Welty's handwritten notes made the experience even more exciting. Dr. Ward enlighten the participants in spite of the technologically glitches. The trip to Natchez and the pit stop at The Forks in the Road caused thoughtful personal recognition and influenced the mindset of many of the participants.  Dr. Peggy and Dr. Noel discussion on Eudora Welty helped to provide many ideas for teaching students to appreciate Eudora's works.  Hearing Eudora actually read her works confirmed many of the participants analysis of several of her works.  Dr. Colby helped the participants process Tennessee Williams by including pedagogy and literary analysis of Tennessee's plays.  Finally, Dr. Graham ended with Margaret Walker Alexander at Jackson State and the Mississippi Archives.

Each participant left the reunion with a newfound spirit, encouraging them to be an educator and research scholar all over again.

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