Friday, February 13, 2009

Haiku Friday!


In the setting sun,
Each tree bud is clinging fast
To drying raindrops.

Haiku: This Other World by Richard Wright (Arcade, 1998)

Mixed media collage by Texan Cheryl McClure titled The Rain Came. ~ Maggie


CMC said...

I'm flattered you liked my mixed media collage so much.

____Maggie said...

Oh, I do CMC! Did you make the papers and dye them your self? I would love to hear your approach to the title, also! Does it represent rain, a storm approaching or did you place the piece out in the rain for effect?

I find the thought processes of artists whether they be explaining a painting or discussing a short story fascinating. :)

Thanks for stopping by, CMC.

CMC said...

Hi Maggie,
Sometimes I do prep my own papers, but I use anything available that will work. In the piece, I think I started out with the black and white small linocut as a central interest and just put papers over and under until I liked the composition. I don't know now what it hit me to title it "the rain came". It's been some time now and titles just come to me out of the blue sometimes. I usually work without too much of a plan until something begins to gel.

____Maggie said...

Thanks so much for sharing CMC!

You have a free flow approach that results in eye pleasing results. One of my artist friends in N'awlins just slaps some lines of paint on canvas or shaped clay on the floor then steps back. He studies the forms for a couple of days then decides what the piece will become. He finds his paintings evolving mostly into angels and his clay, ladders. Even in serendipity his end results remain the same. :D

Your artist eyes are enviable! :D

CMC said...

Thanks, Maggie. There are probably as many approaches to making art work as there are artists. None are really better or worse, in my estimation. We all seem to just have a little different slant in our "eyes" just like other artists like writers, and musicians/composers.