Saturday, January 3, 2009

Teaching A Worn Path & Why I Live at the PO

Reading the first paragraph of A Worn Path I was completely curious to know why Welty chose to describe the woman as a Negro, instead of using the N word. She used the N word twice in Why I Live at the P.O. Having the best opportunity ever to use the word, what do you think her reasoning is to use Negro instead of the most damaging and crude word possible to describe a human being?

This thought about her usage of the N word prompted me to think of how I could incorporate these two stories into an essay assignment for students. I would have my students create a critical analysis on the depiction of African Americans in these two short stories. I think it would be interesting to read what the students discover.


Anonymous said...

Black America and the N-word:

____Maggie said...

Anon looks like a generated comment, Style Expert.

I was reading Moon Lake last night and noticed both words in the story. The N used as dialog or narrative thought and negro as decription. It is confusing!?!

Style Expert said...

I believed that it crawls to post whenever reference is made to that word.