Saturday, November 15, 2008

Trip to Natchez

I tried to reflect as we rode back from Natchez about my experience. I kept wondering if everyone felt as empowered as I did from the entire experience. Having the opportunity to reflect with colleagues about their take and perception of the entire trip, reinforced the impact everyone felt from being apart of the 4W's Writing Institute.

Traveling down the Richard Wright Memorial Highway and being lead down the trail that Wright himself took was monumental in itself.

Special thanks to Charles Wright! He gave us the greatest tour ever! He was so down to earth and knowledgeable. Yet what intrigued me the most was his passion and desire to continue the legacy of Richard Wright. I felt the screams of his utmost respect for Richard Wright's existence in history and the literary world. I understood the underlying inspiration to continue informing Natchez, Mississippi, and the World of his gifted and talented family member, who felt the tragic beaming of terror, hunger, and cruelty for his race and for himself.

I am unable to process all that I saw - the Forks, the ruins of the Ace Theater, Richard Wright's Home, Rhythm Night Club Monument and Slab.

We made history today, and I just can't grasp hold of what I saw, heard, and discussed. After returning from Natchez, I basically flew to Barnes and Nobles. Unfortunately, I was disappointed to discover that they did not have the book about Prince Ibrahim, entitled Prince Among Slaves. However, I have ordered it from Barnes and Noble's online website.

Being a part of the 4W's Writing Institute is really great! Being a part of this institute is opening a whole new world for me. I learn so much more about the writers, about my colleagues, and about Mississippi. I am forever grateful!

*Please click on all the links. They are linked to wonderful sites, even a letter written by his daughter!

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Shana said...

I was also moved and impressed by the day and the tour. In fact, I was surprised by how moving the day was. I have some familiarity with the sites and so the power of the day caught me by surprise. I can only attribute this to the devotion of Charles Wright to this cousin and his commitment to making sure that the history of Natchez tells everyone's story. Maybe the power also came from the wonderful teachers and instructors on the tour -- amazing people who asked great questions and put a lot of energy into the day.